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OKRs and why they matter to employees

Tita OKR 2022-11-24 23:37:19 阅读数:6 评论数:0 点赞数:0 收藏数:0

What's the big deal?
OKRs are the foundation for progress in many organizations.They were invented by Andy Grove, the CEO of Intel and one of the most celebrated figures of the computer age.

The biggest examples are Google and Intel.Andy Grove used OKRs to smash Motorola, and Sunder Pichai used OKRs to bring Chrome to where it is today!

A goal is "to achieve something, no more, no less".

Key Results are specific benchmarks that we monitor, "they are measurable and verifiable".

Each objective can have approximately 3 to 5 key results that can be measured to measure progress towards the objective.

Contrary to understanding, OKRs are not set in stone and cannot be tied to an individual's performance analysis.OKRs are always a work in progress and must be set aggressively to achieve more by following unconventional paths.

Tita: OKRs and their importance to employees

How will this help my business?
OKRs help companies/organizations set goals and work towards them by tracking measurable results.They create highways for the team instead of giving up on reaching the milestones set by the organization.

John Doerr describes the following benefits of OKRs as the framework's superpower.

  1. Focus & Commitment
    Once goals are defined and teams know how to measure success through KRs, they can focus solely on initiatives and projects related to driving key results.

For example, if the goal of an e-commerce site is to increase the number of categories on its site, the team will not work on improving the UI of the landing page because it does not meet the OKRs.

2. Align and connect to enable teamwork
Everyone in the organization can understand what he/she is doing and how important it is to the company because the goals are transparent.This also helps in deciding and prioritizing projects in dependency discussions.

For example, if the team believes that the work does not align with the company's goals, they can simply reject any incoming dependencies.

3. Accountability
When key results are measurable, teams can state what must be done by reprioritizing work or developing work strategies as needed.

However, we cannot rely on isolated documents to track OKRs.Today, we have software specifically designed to do this, such as Tita.

4. Stretch
Stretching key results and setting BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) enables teams to think outside the box and create innovation-driven products.

Both Google Chrome and YouTube as platforms, Sunder Pichai and Susan Wojcicki have very ambitious goals.Although they hit the 70% figure according to the key result, this is considered a win in major cases.

Tita: OKRs and their importance to employees

How can OKRs help me?
When we come to the individual level, employees should understand the OKR framework and use it to deliver the best results as per the expectations of the organization.

I have benefited from my understanding of OKRs in the following ways:

  1. Motivation for setting OKRs
    As I understand the framework and the use of OKRs, I drive the thought process used to set OKRs and get excited about the exercise.So it's not just a formality for me, it's part of my job now.

Impact: I work with leaders to understand organization-wide OKRs and empower my teams to understand how our KRs should drive goals.

  1. The Power to Say No
    Have you ever been in a situation where you discovered that an incoming dependency from another team did not align with your team's goals and you had to lead a meeting to draw the line?

Impact: With OKRs, I can point the team directly to the work my team should be doing.If an incoming dependency drives my key result then I can accept the same, if not then it's easy to reject.

3. Set thoughtful and ambitious KRs
When I understand OKRs, I can use KRs to measure the success of any feature or initiative I drive.I started thinking about saving KR well ahead of time.

Additionally, I am confident in taking on ambitious Key Result goals, knowing that performance reviews are different from OKR discussions.

Impact: This reduces the cadence of my calls with my leadership to explain the progress we are making as a team, and only requires one meeting to establish the context of the project.After that, it just points them to the KRs we're tracking against the project team's goals.

Let me know your thoughts on how to use OKR and how it can help you.

Thanks for reading!

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