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Longhua Technology: The fourth generation semiconductor core target + the only target of perovskite target

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1, 1) Weekend news, domestic replacement is urgent, and Longhua Technology is developing gallium oxide targets.At the same time, Longhua Technology, a subsidiary of Jinglian Optoelectronics, is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of ITO targets, IGZO targets, ITiO targets, IAZO targets, AZO targets and other ceramic targets.2) IGZO is a new type of semiconductor material with higher electron mobility than amorphous silicon (a-Si).IGZO is used as a channel material in a new generation of high-performance thin-film transistors (TFTs), thereby increasing the resolution of display panels and enabling large-screen OLED TVs.With the latest breakthroughs in the Metaverse, AR/VR, chips and other fields, the demand for IGZO applications is expected to increase.

2, 1) Photovoltaic from 0 target to 6% cost target (hjt), to 37% cost target (perovskite), in the cost structure of perovskite monolithic modules, perovskite accounts forThe ratio is about 5%, and glass targets account for 2/3. Perovskite targets have higher technical content than glass, and perovskite costs account for a larger proportion. Therefore, targets are the most valuable varieties of perovskite.2) The photovoltaic targets of Longhua Technology have passed the HJT production line verification of LONGi, Tongwei, Huasheng, and Meyerberg, and have been supplied to LONGi.Titanium ore targets have made breakthrough progress, and are cooperating with LONGi in the supply test of perovskite (the only one in China), and will form batch supply in the future; the company has formed a strategic cooperation with Huaxi Group, and as a shareholder, it can provide hundreds of tons per year.Indium, basically solved the upstream supply problem.

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