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New retail benchmark SKG fully embraces Serverless and achieves agile delivery

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作者:Display,、Xin Chen、Long Chen、黛忻


SKG Is a company focused on high-end health products research and development of、Design and manufacturing enterprise.Focus on providing consumers with delicate、High-end fashion products,As well as the extreme experience of massager products.

With the rapidly changing market demand,SKG 的 IT System also gradually facing inaccurate inventory、Online channels can't together、Not flexible deployment architecture、IT Response speed too slow, etc,In order to fit in sales、提高效率、Strengthen the scale operation,SKG Cloud reached a strategic cooperation with ali,Based on online through,And cover all channels application scenario of China project.The channel for China construction SKG 线上、线下、Gifts such as channel marketing management,Through the dealer、导购、后端 SAP Multiterminal business data,At the same time integration for C End member data and retail terminal sales channels,With new Internet architecture cloud system capability to support business development.

Based on the underlying channel middle build marketing operations management platform、经销商门户、Shoppers terminal small program,Need to have a touch of diverse skills,At the same time satisfy the personalized business demands and access features,China has the expansion of the flexible customization capability、And adaptation channels of different flow demand elasticity ability.


Before the channel construction of China、SKG Mainly to rent IDC 机房部署应用,There is also a business to run on the cloud,整体是 IDC 机房+ECS Build form a complete set of application RDS Cloud products such as hybrid cloud architecture.The system architecture manual maintenance of need more,比如:应用发布、Open source products to build access、云服务集成、Basic is a single point of management such as cluster maintenance、手工操作.The old system delivery process and after the transfer d pain points are:

  • 敏捷协同、DevOps Such as the maturity of low:In the past project whole life cycle of iteration lack control,To follow up the problem and task schedule mainly by offline communication、The lack of online tracking tool;DevOps Process lack of automated tools to support,Such as business application published online,Basic human flesh is released,Release time consuming、Process inefficiencies、Online security and prone to failure. 

  • Application of on-line deployment cumbersome:Online needed resources assessment、The application server to buy、Installation supporting software initialization process is long;In addition also need to match the cluster monitoring、发布&Scheduling script service governance、配置管理、Log backups ability,Need to separate the deployment of supporting component or system. 

  • To carry out the container is to fit the cost:开发对 K8s Container management platform such as low-level details are not familiar with、相对比较黑盒,Troubleshoot problems progress is slow. 

  • Flexibility is not convenient:Business side has certain peak valley,And in the trough resources utilization rate is very low;Capacity needs to take a set of on-line process、And expansion after not easy under the machine; Follow-up after China online、Is expected to lend more micro service application、But these applications due to undertake business scenarios of different flow uneven,Need to have a more flexible flexible strategy. 

  • 后期运维成本高:Not only needs to maintain application itself、Also need to maintain a complete set of infrastructure and the corresponding supporting system;More investment is needed additional human


Based on the experience of pain points and other middle project implementation,The team channels in China project prophase technical selection、架构设计时,Rejected from the start in ECS 或 K8s Directly on the deployment of application program,Hope to have a convenient“The container managed platform”.To minimize the operational cost、屏蔽底层细节,Friendly to development to fit、Flow and can improve the efficiency of deployment to release,具体来说,Main hope to achieve the following goals:

  1. Hope to have a unified management platform for online delivery,Total life cycle control,In order to improve the efficiency of project implementation,The platform is required agile collaboration、DevOps、质量保障等能力,尤其是具备 CI/CD Assembly line automation deployment to the selection of the container managed platform ability,To guarantee quality of project delivery、提升项目交付效率、同时降低交付成本.

  2. 项目采用基于 Spring Cloud 的微服务架构、Need container platform can seamless compatible.

  3. Hope platform can shield the bottom ECS 和 K8s 的运维工作,The development of most of the work can be done in the console,Don't need too much energy on operations,Can focus on the business functions to develop.

  4. Have certain flexibility ability、Enlarge shrinks, let more convenient、Can do some customization of resource optimization.

  5. Micro service application supporting facilities to complete:如灰度发布、流量控制、Remote mode、监控等等,Easy integration.

Based on the above some appeal,We recommend based on SAE(Serverless 应用引擎)No server container platform solutions、And make a comparison of the two(如下表格):


Project delivery progress

Depth in the implementation of the project using the ali cloud flying technology service platform——Dayu in online delivery,Can through the platform for unified control and fu.

目前 SKG Micro channels of China has launched include service gateway、微服务中心、前台 Portal、Terminal small program、前端 Node Before the application of China belong to 20 All multiple applications deployed in SAE 上;On-line process does not need to spend a lot of extra time to do system or adapter,You just need to do some necessary configuration in the console,And the online platform to run smoothly.

Channel a larger middle business system development state and running state as shown below:


SKG Channel research and development of China state&A larger run state

In the process of project delivery intuitive feelings

  • CI/CD Automated deployment to SAE:Provided by yu the great CI/CD Business application deployment automation assembly line ability to SAE,Completely replace the original manual deployment、Human flesh operational inefficient way,At the same time of application deployment efficiency,Also effectively reduce the risk of application changes,Implements the controllable deployment、The effect of safety production. 

  • 免运维&聚焦业务:Previous similar size on the number of clusters and application、至少需要配置 2 A special ops;使用 SAE After the basic operational free、Leave out special operations into;一些 SAE Part-time can console configuration actions by development basic;In the past maintenance application cluster、Often need to screen K8s 集群和 ECS The underlying some of the problems;使用 SAE The basic don't pay any attention. 

  • Good compatibility with all kinds of micro service framework:对基于 Springboot、Spring Cloud、Dubbo The application of the micro service framework development such as good compatibility、At the same time very convenient integration ACM、ARMS 等云产品;Blocked some low-level details,Can do low one-click deployment configuration. 

  • 弹性伸缩、快速扩缩容:Elastic flexible strategy、When doing the resource optimization more convenient adjustment.

Project delivery effect

  • SAE 指标

全部 20+Application of the initialization configuration-创建-部署到 SAE 上只需要 2-3 个小时,人效提升 4 倍;Resource cost than buy separate machine节省 30% 以上;由于 SAE 支持 0.5core 的规格,Develop test environment resource overhead can降低 50% 以上;Scale efficiency is increased from by day plan to分钟级.

  • Dayu index

Through the dayu platform delivered a total of nearly 20+ 应用,Submit open code more than 180 万+行,Assembly line automation published applications more than 3000 次,The average release time in 100s 内;CI/CD Automated deployment efficiency 300%,Zero release failure.

Product promotion proposal

No cloud products may 100% Meet all of the user's demands、The project team in the use of the da&SAE 的过程中、Also found some can improve and upgrade the point:

  1. Open platform ability:Dayu platform's ability to provide more open,提供更多 OpenAPI For users to synchronize the data produced in the process of project delivery,如需求、任务、缺陷、People working hours、文档等数据. 

  2. 微服务治理:支持基于 Feign、Dubbo、HSF Interface framework, such as micro service online debugging,服务 Mock,With consumers view service ability. 

  3. 监控:目前 SAE Monitoring is a single application,But from a user perspective、Because China tend to contain more split very fine micro service application、Hope to have a global perspective of operational monitoring view;Convenient user to see the overall operation of the cluster. 

  4. 同 SLB Integrated optimization:当 SLB To be deleted or failure after、在 SAE Application page will show、And you can also mount port(Could mount the problem has been fixed、But certainly can also show),需要手动删除. 

  5. Support dynamic hot deployment capability,To further improve the efficiency of development and deployment iteration. 

  6. 对 NAS Store the integrated optimization of:Support to login to access specified in the mirror NAS(目前会报错).


Digital is the enterprise improve efficiency and innovation stage and big opportunity,相信 SKG Will be under the channel of middle fu can,依托大禹&SAE 等 PaaS 层基础设施,Through the digital cloud of leading solution implementation value upgrade,开拓更大的市场!

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