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Cognitive history of 20: at present, the best arrangement

TF boy 2022-08-12 18:28:39 阅读数:5 评论数:0 点赞数:0 收藏数:0

Some things seem ruthless、不合理,But right now it's the best arrangement.

中午吃饭,The restaurant TV broadcasts a news,A man sacrificed for righteousness,被授予荣誉.同事说,人都走了,What's the use of honor.

我想了想,There is no way to bring back the deceased,But against a push,人都没了,no medals,Is it worse.

There is a phenomenon:The status quo is not satisfactory,该如何继续.

I used to have a boss,Appointed a Technical Director,This director has a very poor reputation among employees,Almost to the point where everyone gets it.

很多员工说,Is the boss stupid??It's so obvious,Continue to use him.

In fact, the boss is very clear,干掉他,who will replace?Not having the right people to move the project forward,Is my company out of business??A bad plan is better than no plan.当前情况下,这是最好的安排.

I have been to a company system is not perfect,Project management is messy.Company new recruit a technical vice President,It is said that is Daniel,Complete technical and project management experience,Everyone in the technical department felt that they saw hope,I thought he could change the situation.

于是,Everyone has raised the phenomenon that other departments are not cooperating,hope for reform.结果,Vice President did not agree,still implement the existing system,This led to his internal criticism.后来,also because of coordination issues.,导致项目延期.someone mentioned this,Why asking vice President is not cruel reform.

Vice President said,I know it's unreasonable,But when I first arrived,要反对80%的部门吗?no one executes.因此,That was the best arrangement at the time.

Nine out of ten things in life are unsatisfactory,the functioning of society,Never change with the will of ordinary people.A lot of things we encounter,The fact that most is established,Is what has happened.

此时,We will inevitably face the disadvantages,You shouldn't turn around and leave,The best arrangement should be made under the disadvantage.是的,There is not much hope in sight,However, if this situation can be arranged,Then when the conditions are right,Isn't it invincible?.

When we see other people make arrangements,more understanding,Don't blindly resist,Who knows what he experienced.


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