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Is data silos a common problem?No matter how much software you buy, it's all in vain if you can't solve this problem!

Those things about IT technology management 2022-08-08 19:44:29 阅读数:6 评论数:0 点赞数:0 收藏数:0

Problem of data island is the common fault of the large group company,This is especially true as we manufacturing,Sector in particular more,Each department needs to purchase software,So the feeling of the whole company almost every month in the purchase of new software systems...

比较常见的就是OA、HR、ERP、MES系统这些,Combined with industry we have some special temperature acquisition system, etc,The system data from different databasesOracle、SQL Server、My sql,Each system database storage in a different way,Are multi-source heterogeneous data,Can't exchange it is difficult to integrate together,Every time have to download data from the various system,And then a week to integrate data from more than 10 subsidiaries together to do data analysis.Don't share information,每个部门/Subsidiaries are each dry,Naturally each system became one data island.

In order to solve the problem of data island,我们也做了很多尝试,But have to go.Finally feel the need for integrating enterprise's main business processes,According to process the different business system concatenated together,It can use technology to solve the.

As we use aFineReport,Through its combed the whole business process,And to determine the various departments of the same data definition(To avoid data index cannot be exchanged between different departments),To use a custom data connection function to get the data of each system,No longer as before to download data from the various system,然后再整合到excel做报表.Second is, for some of the assembly line、Weekly production,To be used to spend a lot of agent of human to get data on a regular basis、Get form,Process is not also laborious,现在我们ITDepartment set up after the report template,Just regular update data.


Need a week to integrate a month before the production data of,Now half a day can get.It is also more convenient is still can useFRTo do a visual screen,Because through the data,Only need to he a built-in screen template,Replace the data can be done,比起之前用js+echarts方便很多.

Actually these are basic function,Personally, I think don't confined toFRReport and screen function,Instead we should regard it as the enterprise data visualization application software to use,Its data provided、移动端、大屏监控、Process management function can be used,还是那句话:Software that use a terrible than buy a bunch of software.

最后回复”大屏“Available with software!

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