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Why do LiveVideoStack courses?

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文 / 包研

大家好,这里是LiveVideoStack包研,It's been a long time since I talked to you in this way..今天的主题是,We are going to launch course product,希望大家多多支持.Our first course line at the meeting——《轻松掌握WebAssembly视频播放器》轻松掌握WebAssembly视频播放器,Created by Mr. Li Chao himself.If you wish to learn how to passWebAssemblyMultimedia operations such as video playback,Follow this course.来,Scan the code to pay.


Li Chao

Maybe you passed his book《WebRTC音视频实时互动技术:原理、实战与源码分析》The book heard Li Chao's.The first time I knew Li Chao was2019年的RTC大会,Although not face to face,But I got to know an expert from New Oriental.后来,Guo Lei plans to ask Li Chao to do the course,Ask me how I feel about him.能够同时被RTCAssembly and guo look,The level should not be bad.The epidemic has caught up with the new year,The team that occupy the home office,All offline activities are suspended.焦虑、But have to further thinking of online product planning,So I thought of Li Chao again.

我记得在9月份的一天,We made an appointment at Starbucks near Chegongzhuang.We talked a lot about the future of audio and video courses,Chatted for his book,以及和LiveVideoStackPossible ways of cooperation,This also lays the groundwork for our cooperation.Although it was the first time we met,Li Chao gave me the feeling that:热情,思路清晰,some more feelings.他说,The goal is to make a set of comprehensiveWebRTC课程.I didn't expect him to do what he said,2022Completed the course in.

A few days ago to see li chao again,I am curious to ask him to do、What is the annual income of publishing a book??他答道:“Certainly not as much as working in the company.”毕竟,Some senior audio and video engineers can get hundreds of thousands or even millions of annual salary.Li Chao said with a smile,“I like to do now,Several classmates gave me feedback,Said to get the headlinesoffer.Another college graduate,Also got a high salary,还是14薪,It must have exceeded his expectations.,So I was very happy to describe his interview process with me..”

Why is the first classWebAssembly + 多媒体?

Lessons on what to do with technical topics,I always have a principle,就是“不重复造轮子”.The audio and video technology stack is not large,Roll up to harm others.更何况,LiveVideoStackThe advantage is that it has a unique understanding of the multimedia ecology and trends,Full room to create high quality、original content.因此,We first ruled out that“曝光”的技术方向:WebRTC、FFmpeg等.最终,我们选定了WebAssembly + The direction of multimedia.

The browser is a constantly evolving ecosystem,Its importance is not becauseiOS、AndroidWhen the native application is popular, it will decrease.It is impossible for any company to ignore the value of the browser,它直接、快速、低成本、安全、高度兼容.包括W3COrganization for Standardization,Continuing to inject new capabilities into browsers、统一标准,如WebXR、WebCodec、WebTransport等等.被JavaScriptSeriously constrained browser performance will be released more and more,Especially for computing-intensive multimedia-related applications, it is even more important..

要想突破JavaScript的瓶颈,就不得不说WebAssembly.他就像一个容器,Efficiently run binary code in the browser,调用硬件资源.比如,可以通过WebAssemblyIn the browserH.265的视频,This becomes the mobile implementationH.265Mainstream solutions for video decoding.

JavaScript 和谁?

WebAssembly可以支持多种语言,如C/C++、Rust、Python、Go等.最终我们选择了Rustas the language of this course.Rust有媲美C/C++的性能,A friendlier learning curve.在Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022报告中,RustNo. 1 in development language users14,但却以86.73%proportional pressureGo、PythonBecome the most popular language for developers,换句话说,Rustof users are very satisfied and loyal to the language.Although the developers of this report are mainly from overseas,but represents a trend.当然,It is not excluded that this course will be offered in other languages ​​in the future.

Demand and salary of audio and video talents

作为LiveVideoStack的读者,You should understand that technical people in the audio and video field are relatively hard-core,Because of a shortage of supply,Salary is firmer.即便2021年经历了“双减”,Most of the multimedia technicians in key positions have found good jobs.Although the threshold for learning audio and video is not low,But the return is also proportional to the investment.

迟到4Year-end departure

在2017年北京LiveVideoStackConthe opening segment,I said about exploring new products.Unexpectedly, it has passed4年多.The epidemic has given us a very good opportunity to reflect,It also makes us aware of the limitations and risks of a single product.LiveVideoStackThe course is just an attempt to explore new products,Questions and wishful thinking,Welcome all sorts of fun and Suggestions.If you are interested in the output system experience,Email or WeChat communication is also