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A netizen from Yingde was administratively punished for spreading rumors about "bombing the flood dike to protect the urban area"

Guangdong news 2022-06-23 23:29:39 阅读数:0 评论数:0 点赞数:0 收藏数:0

6 month 20 Japan 21 when 30 a.m. , Netizen “ Most likely to think of ” In wechat group “ Yingde food group { The first group }”( The wechat group has 480 people ) There is a rumor inside that :“ Tonight? 12 Blow up the breakwater ”“ In order to keep the city ”“ The section of the fourth bridge ”“ Both England and Germany have sent notices to the people nearby 11:30 No one can be there before ”“ The explosives were buried in the afternoon ”“ It's said that I drove a helicopter to detonate explosives ”“ It should be broadcast live by reporters later ”… This message triggered a discussion in the group , It's bad for the society .

It is verified that , The netizen is Tan Moumou from Dachan Town, Yingde City . Later, Mr. Tan realized that the rumors he had made up had caused adverse social effects , And in “ Yingde food group { The first group }” Send an apology to eliminate the influence . Relevant law enforcement departments shall impose administrative penalties on them .

Yingde e-mail department reminds netizens : The Internet is not out of the law , Don't make a rumor 、 Don't tale 、 Don't believe in rumors ! Learn about flood fighting and disaster relief , The official release shall prevail . Flood relief 、 Unite as one 、 Unity is strength , And jointly build a civilized and harmonious society 、 A clean network environment .

【 The reporter 】 Jiao Ying

【 correspondent 】 Luojiayu

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