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Target detection - Introduction to mainstream algorithms - from RCNN to yolov5

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Target detection is a major task in the field of computer vision , It is roughly divided into one-stage target detection and two-stage target detection . One stage target detection model is based on YOLO Series as representative .

YOLO The biggest advantage of the algorithm is that it is very fast
, It can be processed every second 45 frame , Can also understand the general object representation .

From the perspective of personal learning :
Excellent computer vision engineer , The learning of target detection cannot avoid , The core of target detection is YOLO.YOLO The series has been developing , It is urgent to study it .

From the perspective of career development
YOLO It has been one of the mainstream algorithms widely used , It's also a monthly salary 30K Above standard engineer skills , It is also a vane of technology and job hunting . therefore , Build a detection model , After deep understanding , You must be able to go further and further on the road of job hunting .

In order to let everyone learn this key point of computer vision better , I recommend one to you 【 Image target detection training camp 】, from Artificial intelligence experts Dr. Tang Yudi Take you from deep learning to YOLO Series version analysis and application .

The following is an excerpt from this course , Mr. Tang will share from the basic neural network , Step by step YOLO The whole development process of . Master the underlying logic of the algorithm , You can better build the superstructure .

Content cut only , stay 【 Image target detection training camp 】 in ,  It will help students master AI Two core modules in the field : Detection and segmentation , And based on the real data set to carry out the project practice .

From theoretical basis to core principles

Focus on breaking each other !


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The welfare is bigger , Pre limitation 200 name

01  Course content

Two days , Let you master the depth of learning to YOLO series .

Class time :6 month 22 Japan -23 Japan , Every night 20:00-22:30

Course Services : Record and broadcast + Live lectures + Lecturer answers questions + Class notes + Assignment

Day1 Popular interpretation of the core algorithm necessary for deep learning

  1. Analysis of detailed knowledge points of neural network model .

  2. Interpretation of the overall architecture of neural network model .

  3. Computer vision core model - Convolutional neural networks .

  4. The overall architecture and parameter design of convolutional neural network .

Day2 Image segmentation and target detection algorithm

  1. Classical algorithm for segmenting domain Unet series .

  2. Classical algorithm of object detection YOLO Reading .

  3. YOLO Series upgrade version analysis and application .

  4. Detection model optimization and improvement detail analysis .

notes : This training camp will PPT Courseware 、 Class notes .
PPT Courseware 、 Class notes will be 6 month 23 Japan All assignments are uniformly distributed and 2 The students who come to class every day .

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The welfare is bigger , Pre limitation 200 name

02 In two days you will reap

Open all code , After class reuse is convenient and efficient

For all the codes involved in the course , We will open it for free !

You can use it After class self-examination 、 Review and consolidate , even to the extent that For future business , Convenient and efficient !

Instructor led practice , Adjoint programming environment

You will get a companion programming environment 、 Instructor led practice 、 Use scientific methods to guide , Help you digest difficult knowledge points

As well as @ Mr. Tang Yudi will share  ,  One Line popular technology and industry experience , Many students personally test the effectiveness A set of technical improvement scheme , Help you get rid of the confusion , Clear growth direction !

     Famous teachers help      High in gold      Promote professional Professional ability

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The welfare is bigger , Pre limitation 200 name



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