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What is the process of opening an account for individual stock speculation? How do I open an account

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What is the process of opening an account for individual stock speculation ? How to open an account

Take the answer 1:
The steps of opening an account for individual stock speculation are the same , Personal account opening requires personal identity authentication , When you have your ID card and bank card ready, you can open an account for stock speculation , Stock trading account opening online account opening is good , To speculate in stocks, you need to go to the business department of the securities company or open an account online , As the epidemic is not completely over , To avoid cross infection , It is recommended that you choose the online reservation account opening method , Save time 、 Efficient 、 It's safe .

To open an account online, you need to prepare your ID card and bank card , Download brokerage trading software in mobile store , Registered account , Fill in personal data , Upload the front and back of your personal ID card , Video authentication , Complete the risk assessment , Just bind the bank card .
Account opening steps :
Contact the account manager in advance to open an account , Click the link and enter your mobile number , Enter verification code ;
Upload the front and back photos of the second generation ID card , Online video verification , I voluntarily open an account ;
Set the transaction password and bind the escrow bank ; Test and report multiple choice questions

The Commission is not very high now. We can negotiate , Of course not, the lower the better , The minimum is that the exchange stipulates to charge 5 element , Too low is a small brokerage , Software operation is very prone to untimely response , There is no deal in the quotation , Then the loss will be great

When opening an account, a specially assigned person will provide one-to-one service and fully functional software , It also supports flush login , It is more convenient for one person to log in with multiple accounts
The above is my account opening answer , If you need help to open an account and enjoy ultra-low commission account, please consult in the upper right corner

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