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Scientists develop "visual" equipment that can help the blind: it does not affect other senses

Chinese industry information station 2022-02-22 11:35:18 阅读数:40 评论数:0 点赞数:0 收藏数:0

Manuel Zahn and Armaghan Ahmad Khan A paper on the device has been published . Although this paper has not been peer-reviewed , But the device itself seems promising . When used , The device allows users to track their surroundings . According to the study , Whenever a user approaches an object , Tactile feedback in the sleeve will increase . This helps to alert the wearer to upcoming objects , So they can turn away or slow down .

During the test , The study's authors say , They recorded... From the device 98% The accuracy of the . All participants in the test 5 All participants can complete the selected path in one run . They also continue to get faster in each subsequent run . These results make the possibility of finding a device to help the blind see very promising .

One of the most attractive things about this new device is , It doesn't cut off other senses . Low vision users rely on their other senses , Such as smell and hearing , To determine what's going on around them . Now there are other devices to help people with low vision . However , Some rely on the use of senses such as hearing to help the wearer . therefore , This cuts off their use of one of their most important senses .

The device does not require users to give up their hearing or other senses . therefore , When it gets smaller , It can provide a better way for people affected by low vision . Of course , We are still in the early stages of the device's life . however , According to this paper ,Zahn and Khan I believe they can make the new equipment better than Microsoft Of Kinect smaller .

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