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Cadence pad designer pad design tutorial

by_ Xiao Qin 2022-01-23 13:10:15 阅读数:6 评论数:0 点赞数:0 收藏数:0

Use software :pad designer

New pad file :file -> new


choice browse, You can choose the file path and name , The default path is the last saved location .



Then the job of creating the file is finished , The next step is to design pads

Unit settings , The metric system is chosen here :



Other options are set to the default value

choice layers, And check single layer mode( Express : Surface paste mode )



Here we only consider the pad size



Patch packaging here these three layers must be sized , The solder resist layer is generally larger than the pad 0.1mm



After the size setting is completed , Here you can go through view Options view pads



Finally, the motor file -> save Save it

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