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Surface mount packaging design tutorial

by_ Xiao Qin 2022-01-23 13:10:15 阅读数:7 评论数:0 点赞数:0 收藏数:0

Use software :PCB Editor

Create a new package file :file -> new

choice browse, You can choose the file path and name , The default path is the last saved location . And then click OK, Enter the drawing interface .


Set the lower pad library first




Then first set some design parameters



Set the unit and origin position



Set grid



Design pad

Next place the pads

then option There will be , Click to select the... To be placed padstack:




Draw a screen frame

Click on add line ,option The options are set as follows

You can enter the draw dimension command in the command window

draw place bound Area

You can set the grid smaller , Then draw it manually , This area can cover disc and silk screen printing



Add component tag

Selection as shown

option The setting is as shown in the figure

Click interface , write in U*



Set the origin of the package ( Generally, the origin is set at the center of the component )

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