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Digital IC

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Numbers IC And ???

Numbers IC In recent years, the heat is getting higher and higher , stay 2020 year , Integrated circuit is a first-class discipline in China , This is enough to show that China attaches importance to this aspect ; And with the restrictions of foreign chips , China has increased investment in integrated circuits , Focus on the development of chip industry , The demand for talents in this field is also expanding . Many students have sprouted career change numbers IC Ideas , It also includes me . Still struggling with their own direction and want to know how to learn numbers IC Students with relevant knowledge can study together ! Help each other !
And figures IC The corresponding is the simulation IC, The main difference between the two is that the signals processed are different , Numbers IC And simulation IC Process digital signals and analog signals respectively . simulation IC Generally, it requires high basic knowledge , And need solid foundation and rich experience , Numbers IC Relative to simulation IC Come on , It will be more suitable for fresh students .
And figures IC relevant , And what we can easily touch during school is FPGA Development .FPGA(Field Programmable Gate Array) It is a semi custom circuit , The user passes through verilog HDL or VHDL Hardware description language to generate the desired circuit .FPGA The usage rate of is very high , And it's easy to get started , Students who want to learn by themselves can buy FPGA Development board to learn ,FPGA It's very powerful , Recently, the hot direction is the field of image processing and artificial intelligence ,FPGA Of “ parallel ” Features provide powerful computing power .

Numbers IC Position

Numbers IC The post is mainly in the three directions of design, verification and process , The employment choice of non microelectronics related majors is basically only two directions: design and verification . Design and validation in terms of salary , Almost ; From the perspective of development ceiling , Personally, this has nothing to do with us , Few people can reach the upper limit . In terms of ease of employment , Because the demand of verification post is greater than that of design , So the numbers IC Verification is relatively easier to get employed .

IC The main responsibilities of the design are as follows :

  • Make design scheme according to function , Develop microarchitecture , Prepare detailed technical documents .
  • Use Verilog Conduct RTL logic design , Realize module functions .
  • Carry out logical synthesis 、 Timing analysis , Complete timing convergence .
  • Small and medium-sized chips may also participate in DFT The job of .
  • Participate in chip system debugging , Post simulation 、FPGA Verification, etc .

IC The main responsibilities of verification are as follows :

  • read design spec, To write verification spec, To develop test plan.
  • Build a verification environment (C/C++,systemC,systemverilog).
  • establish test cases.
  • monitoring regression And promotion coveragesupport Other engineers .

How to learn numbers IC Related knowledge


Verilog It's digitally designed Basic language , It's the entry number IC First and Must master Language . Whatever you want to do FPGA Development , Or numbers IC The front end of the or Back end , It's all very important !

Recommended materials and books :
  • Verilog Digital system design course [ The first 2 edition ] Xia Yuwen (verilog The first book of introduction !)
  • HDLBits: A fantastic website , You can practice verilog Language ( It is recommended to use an editor , In combination with , The editor on the website is too hip !)

System Verilog

System Verilog be based on IEEE1364-2001 Verilog Hardware description language (HDL), And extended it , Including expansion C Language data type 、 structure 、 Compressed and uncompressed arrays 、 Interface 、 Assertion wait , All this makes SystemVerilog It improves the ability of design modeling at a higher level of abstraction . It's the number. IC Necessary skills of Verification Engineer .

Recommended books :
  • 《System Verilog verification 》 《System Verilog verification 》


UVM It is a verification methodology , It is also the most widely used methodology . This part of knowledge is important for the recruitment of fresh students , Not much has been investigated . I haven't done any research on the law of the other party . I'll just briefly mention , I hope the boss can share more .

The question of what methodology is , Readers don't have to worry too much , Because it belongs to something relatively advanced , Investigating this problem at the beginning will only increase your learning UVM The difficulty of . Put this question aside , Just think of it as a library , We will ponder this question after learning this book .——《UVM actual combat 》

Recommended materials and books :
  • 《UVM actual combat 》
    《UVM actual combat 》
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