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How to delete an SSL certificate? Under what circumstances do you need to delete an SSL certificate

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Friends familiar with internet websites may know SSL Role of certificate , This is a protocol certificate that can help our website carry out data encryption transmission and server authentication , It is of great significance to the operation and development of the website . The website wants to operate normally , Cannot do without SSL Application and use of certificates . But in practical application, we will also encounter some problems that need to be deleted SSL Certificate Status .

SSL Under what circumstances do certificates need to be deleted ? Here we need to understand SSL The basic concept of certificate deletion .SSL The certificate is a certificate issued by a professional organization for the website , After installing the certificate, we prove that the website has the functions of encrypted transmission and server authentication , It can ensure the security of the website . What we often say SSL Certificate deletion , Simply delete the certificate resource from the management system , The certificate itself is valid , The browser will also continue to trust the certificate .

But you know, but SSL The certificate itself has a certain service life , stay SSL After the expiration of the certificate's service life, it will no longer be trusted , There will be a corresponding prompt . And we want to install new SSL On certificate , It is often necessary to delete expired certificates . In practice , except SSL Beyond the expiration of the certificate , Some certificate statuses indicate “ In custody ”“ Issued ” etc. , You also need to delete the certificate on the server . At this stage, most of us SSL The validity of the certificate is about one year , After expiration, the certificate needs to be replaced , We also need to delete the old certificate , Re apply for Certificate Services .

What are the ways to SSL Certificate deletion ?SSL The deletion method of certificate is closely related to our operating system , Different operating systems delete SSL The way of certificate is also different .

APPLE How should I delete SSL certificate

First, let's use administrator access to access the trust store , Then choose Finder, single click GO After the options , find utilities. Then double click to open keyChain Access, Select the system roots Options , Find our SSL Certificate root certificate , Double click to open , stay Trust Options never trust To delete . So our SSL The certificate can be in Apple Successfully deleted .

Mozilla How to delete SSL certificate

Mozilla Lock used Firefox The browser has an independent trust storage space , So we have to be in Mosilla Delete... On SSL The certificate needs to access the truststore through the browser . It's also a click Firefox Menu for , Then find the options button , After selecting advanced , Click to view the certificate , Then find our... In the permissions tab SSL certificate , Click the delete or no trust button in the root certificate to complete the deletion . such SSL Certificate also from Mozilla Deleted successfully on .

Windows How to delete... In the system SSL certificate

stay Windows In the system , We can enter... Through the run box MMC The way to open Microsoft In the console , Then find the file options , Select the certificate in the add or remove snap in column , Then click Add , Then find the computer account , After selecting the local computer, click MMC Select a certificate from the , Displays the certificate store in the system , Then find our SSL certificate , Click properties , Select disable this certificate and apply , Then restart the server , complete SSL Deletion of certificate .

SSL certificate The deletion of is a conventional operation in our website management , We should combine specific SSL Analysis of certificate usage , Choose different operating systems according to their own operating systems SSL Certificate deletion method .


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