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From selling the crown to unemployment, I finally chose software testing. Looking back, I'm very lucky!

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Graduated from the university , From crown sales to unemployment . Finally, I chose software testing .

Now? , I deeply believe that :

Believe to have , Looking back at this section of the road , I was lucky .

Life forces , Let me choose software testing

I have a college degree , After graduation, I have been engaged in sales , It's the sales director , Also took a lot of halo of pin crown , But because the company is doing vocational education and training ( offline IT Training institutions , The company's curriculum is development and UI Design ), The salary is not very high , If you get the pin crown, you only have 1 ten thousand 4 about ( I talked about the base salary 7K Under the circumstances ).

But I hardly have time to do my own things , You can take half a day off a week at most , On duty on holidays , Later, I transferred to another post and successively did sales training , Corporate trainers , New media platform training instructors and other work , Slowly, I found that after leaving the sales position , My self-confidence is getting worse and worse , First, wages , From a steady monthly average 1 ten thousand 3 about , Later, only 4500 Yuan , The second is the pressure from the family , I've been paying my family back .

Plus the impact of an epidemic , The new media training company I work for can't go on any more , I'm out of work , But at this point , It took me about half a year to leave the sales position completely , After I lost my job, I was very confused about what to do , I wonder if I can do nothing but sell .

Later, I had dinner with my friends , My friend said that their company is recruiting software testers , The salary is not bad , Because I worked in a training institution before , My friend asked me if anyone I knew was looking for a job in software testing , I can recommend , From this moment on , Maybe the idea of software testing is planted in my mind .

Very lucky , After self-study software testing , I interviewed two companies , About two or three days later , I got two at the same time offer, One is self research company , Pay to 9K, The other is an outsourcing company , Pay to 10.5K, Finally, because of economic pressure , I chose the one with high salary .

Look back , My way of learning

Time planning

First , Let's take a look at what you might spend your time on . Look at the tables in the manuscript , You can see that I divide time into three categories , Namely : Exploited 、 Enjoyed and lost .

To avoid wasting too much time , The first thing we need to find out is , Where did your time go ? Then through reflection and recording , Sort out your current time allocation , Then through effective methods to adjust , Minimize wasted time .

Then plan your time reasonably

A reasonable time plan is to know what you have to do next , Only you know , Take time to think about your long-term or short-term goals , Mission , Make them clear

Clarify your learning points

Know your actual situation , What kind of situation, what skills , The following is a knowledge architecture diagram of the development direction of Software Test Engineers :

From the concept of software testing , To the basis of functional testing , Until then Python Programming , Then is UI, Interface automation testing , Then there is continuous integration , Performance testing , Finally, test development , I hope you can follow this system , stay 3-4 We will complete the construction of such a system within the year , so to speak , It's a process that's going to kill you , But as long as you get through it , Life will be much easier in the future , As the saying goes, it's hard to finish at the beginning , Just take the first step , You're halfway there , The ancients said well : Every step is worth a thousand miles , When we finish, when we look back on this journey , You're bound to feel a lot , Master the above technology , In any large front-line Internet factory, the test position can stand alone

To what extent can you start looking for a job

So many technologies above , You can't finish learning without a certain time , So actually, if you can write test cases , Understand test theory , Understand test process , Know to submit bug, track bug, Can write test reports . If you know these things, you can be a functional test engineer , You can basically go to the manual test post .

Draw a brain picture

Brain map is thought brain map . Brain maps are mainly used for structural analysis of problems , Sort out your thoughts .

What is the meaning of brain map ?

Let's give you an example , How to introduce yourself during the interview . First of all, we need to introduce our basic information ( full name 、 Gender 、 Age 、 Ancestral home 、 Current residence, etc ). secondly , Introduce your main experience ( Learning experience 、 Work experience ), Learning experience mainly describes the University and the major . Work experience starts with a recent company . then , Describe your project experience , Description from near to far 1-2 individual . The project experience has been described , Let's introduce the interview position and its advantages and disadvantages .

Take the software test classification brain map as an example :

Make notes

There are ways to take notes

You can divide a page into 3 Parts of : Note bar ( Main column )、 Prompt bar ( Simplify column )、 Summary column ( Think column ).

  • Note bar : In class or reading , Write down the main content , This part is basically the same as the traditional method of taking notes .
  • Prompt bar : Usually after class or one day after reading , Refine and summarize the main contents , That is, dot like knowledge points , Write it in the prompt bar .
  • Summary column : When you review , You need to write down your summary and thoughts . Second review , It's best to do it within a week .

Read more books and websites related to software testing

The following is a study book and website recommendation I compiled :

How to read a Book ?

The level of reading can be divided into four levels , Namely :

  • Basic reading : Learn to read , Learn basic reading skills .

  • inspectional reading : Understand the general outline of a book in a short time .

  • Analytical reading : Read over and over again , Repeatedly understand a Book , Until the book is completely mastered by myself .

  • Thematic reading : The highest level of reading , Systematic reading , Analyze and read many books under one theme , Compare their similarities and differences .

When there is a problem , You can list similar cases in your mind , Analyze their advantages and disadvantages , Combined with the current actual cases , Take a more optimized plan .

Watch videos

 Insert picture description here
I can't read a book , Then watch the video , I believe there are still many small partners who like to follow the video learning ~ About video , I brush it once in a while after work , There are a lot of video courses for big guys on the Internet , Frankly speaking , It's much more efficient than reading , A lot of questions you don't understand get through at once

Multi brush questions

This is actually like Fitness , Do everything well , All need a set of scientific methodology , A stranger who needs to start , To keep getting familiar with , exercise , Learn to use , In the end, I'll get through with it . If there is not a large number of questions in the exercise link , The brain's thinking cannot strengthen the stress thinking of this type of question , When you see the test questions, you have to think about which method you want to use ? Start with what conditions ? The first step is to change how to start ?

I've posted an article here before :2021 Classic interview questions for software testing in ( All three )


It's on paper , Only practice makes true knowledge .

So much for that , I hope you can get To some , In fact, I want to emphasize one point , The importance of learning . All the above information can be shared for free , I hope we can make progress together , Have you used it?If you need help, please forward it , Pay attention to my WeChat official account :【 Programmer two black 】, You can get .

Last : Believe to have , Looking back at this section of the road , I was lucky .

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