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[Preview: modular industrial PC (class starts at 10 a.m.)] text: WinCC realizes the interaction with database and the implementation of report

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It is often used by friends to write some useful data separately to relational databases, such as :SQL Server ,MySQL etc. , Then make a report to display the data , And for reports , What I usually use at present is SQL Server Bring your own free SSRS To make a report , Users can access it in the form of web pages , Pages can be exported as PDF,WORD, Or you can choose to print , Very convenient .

So for WINCC You must be very familiar with the software ,

that , How to write real-time data to WINCC Built in relational database SQL Server, And read .

step :

1) stay SQL SERVER Create a database

Log in to SQL Server, The default login method is Windows Account , Instead of a hybrid account sa( Pictured 2), The first thing you need to do is SQL Server Build a database in , If the name is “DBTEST”, Then create a table , Such as value, Enter fields in the table , And set the data format , If the field name is press,temp, Their corresponding data types are float , The field name here needs to be the same as WINCC The names of variables in are consistent ,( Pictured 1)

chart 1

chart 2

If you don't understand databases , Then you can watch this column to learn , Master database related knowledge , And the making method of the report .

2)wincc Data is written to the database

You can use buttons to write data to , At the button VBS Enter the code in the script ; Generally, we often use global scripts , Cycle triggers writing data to ( Must be in the computer properties — Check... In the startup tab " Global script running system ")

The code is as follows ( The button is the same as the global script ):

' Defining variables

Dim sCon

Dim sSql

Dim oRs

Dim conn

Dim oCom

Dim Con

Dim Data1, Data2

' The data to be written from WINCC Read into variable in , Here press and temp It must be consistent with the established fields in the database



' Database connection ,"Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False;Initial ‘Catalog=DBTEST;Data Source=.\WINCC" in Initial Catalog=DBTEST You need to change the name of the actual database ,Data Source=.\WINCC It needs to be modified to data source , The full name should be when logging into the database Server name: luoyh\WINCC

Con="Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False;Initial Catalog=DBTEST;Data Source=.\WINCC"

Set conn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")

conn.ConnectionString = Con

conn.CursorLocation = 2


' Insert real-time data into the database ,"insert into value VALUES(" & Data1 & "," & Data2&");" here value Is the name of the table ," & Data1 & "," & Data2&" When the data here is a string, you need to use single quotation marks , Such as :' " & Data1 & " ',' " & Data2&" '

sSql="insert into value VALUES(" & Data1 & "," & Data2&");"

Set oRs = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

Set oCom = CreateObject("ADODB.Command")

Set oCom.ActiveConnection = conn

oCom.CommandType = 1

oCom.CommandText = sSql

Set oRs = oCom.Execute

Set oRs = Nothing


Set conn = Nothing

The above code can write the real-time read data to the relational database , The write frequency mainly depends on the setting of cycle trigger in the global script .

3) adopt SSRS Developing reports , Display and analyze data .

adopt SSRS Data can be displayed in the form of a table , The trend curve can be generated for the data , The pie chart , The dashboard , Map and other elements , Through a certain script , You can also filter the data . You can also access the report as a web page , For many configuration software, it has Web Control , Then you can use this web Control to embed the web page into your screen to view the report . This method is very convenient , It is more powerful than the report provided by the configuration software .

SSRS Simple report developed

Various Chart

Various dashboards

The above is about WINCC In the data interaction with the database , And how to use it SSRS This concludes the introduction to realizing powerful report functions .


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