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Delta touch screen dop-b07s411k communicates with Siemens PLC 200smart

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One 、 Touch screen download program

① Install the software DOPSoft;

② The communication line uses a square port data line ;

③ Installation driver ;

④ Screen configuration ;

⑤ In the tools , Choose to download all the information .

Two 、 Communication settings

① Touch screen settings

②PLC Set up

③ Communication line

Touch screen COM2 Pick up PLC A serial port , Touch screen 1 Foot joint PLC 3 foot , Touch screen 6 Foot joint PLC 8 foot .

3、 ... and 、 Simple function use

① Key use cases

Select the auxiliary key in the toolbar screen , Call up button .

1) Screen switching

2) Numerical addition and subtraction

notes : Floating point numbers cannot be used

3) Set variable

② Use case of historical numerical data sheet

PLC Trigger , Record the values of three variables .

The numerical unit represents the number of words you want to read , Read here VD42、VD46、VD50, Are floating point numbers .

Call up the historical value data table .

The total number of data fields is set to 3.

Double click on the table , Buffer label 1 Represents the number of bytes read VD42、VD46、VD50; Data start position 0 Express reading VD42、 Data start position 2 Express reading VD46、 Data start position 4 Express reading VD50.

When VW100=1 Record data on the screen .

In the same way, create another historical value data table ,VW100=2 when , Record buffer label 2 The data of .

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