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Who peeped at her?

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Industrial control technology sharing platform

She is an important part of industrial automation system , Whether it's PLC The control system is still DCS Control system , Can't do without her support , As an important support for man-machine interface and control configuration , She has always been the one that industrial control men are most willing to contact in their daily work …( Upper computer / Industrial PC ).

With the popularity of industrial Ethernet , Your one has to start networking with others SCADA System , More than that , What's more, your she has been quietly arranged to connect to... Through industrial networks IT The Internet , This is what you often hear IT/OT The first step of integration . Why connect ? I don't think we need to talk about it here , There should be countless “ Non technical industrial control experts “ Brainwashed all kinds of manufacturing users , The number of brainwashing is no less than that of bathing for manufacturing users .

In this industrial control world, as they become more and more open , More and more inclusive ,Link Anything, But you know what your girl is going through ?

You know, the upper computer of many industrial control systems is just a girl who has to walk in the mountains in the street wearing a miniskirt ( Under the hot appearance, there is a very traditional heart ), As host computers, they can't accept installing hateful anti-virus software , What's more, we can't accept people who get in the way windows A firewall , More can't follow your heart, so update at any time like friends in the outside world windows Patch .

But now they have to bear , Different automatic control suppliers every day / System integrator /OEM Intelligent manufacturer , Use all kinds of U The disk is plugged in and out , Install all kinds of software on their bodies . Some software is industrial control software , Some software is junk or Trojan horse software , Since there is no anti-virus software protection , Intruders can do whatever they want , And she was the only one who suffered !

Because there are a lot of back doors of industrial control software and Trojans bundled in the system , She'll make you ( Upper computer ) Open many communication ports , These communication ports are automatically connected to the outside IP Or a website, etc . You still like her like this ( Upper computer ) Well ?

So use a free little software today , To thoroughly examine your that she ( Upper computer ), Who is peeping ( Hide port , Outreach to IP)? This software is for me go Language development , Can run in 64 Bit windows System , You don't need to install it, just run it directly .( Sure copy To u pan , Give your girl a health check at any time )

This software is called JST-Port, As the name suggests, it means jiansiting port query . This software consists of two parts , One is JST-port.exe Executable file , The other is JST-port.dll The library files . You just need to double-click JST-port.exe The following screen will appear :

Let you enter a file name generated after detection , The file name follows windows Just name the file , Otherwise, an error will be reported and the detected file cannot be generated . for example , Input :local

stay JST-port.exe Automatically generate a... In the same directory local.csv The file of .

Open this file and you can see your she ( Upper computer ) in , Which programs open which ports , And what are they connected to IP The address is clear at a glance .

In order to let everyone see more clearly , I put one line of information copy come out , You can see what items are included .

Teams.exe13420TCP54475192.168.1.127443https52.114.128.57EstablishedC:\Users\lenovo\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams\current\Teams.exeMicrosoft TeamsMicrosoft Teams1.3.00.3564Microsoft Corporation2020/2/28 16:38LAPTOP-NB8MK5NO\lenovoA2020/3/2 21:272020/3/2 21:23 Chat | Microsoft Teams

Finally, attach the download address of the software :

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