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On the use of flow accumulation with WinCC

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In the field, we often need to display the cumulative flow of the flow instrument on the upper computer , Of course, if you can use communication, you'd better use communication , Without communication, we need to PLC Write your own program , The following describes how to write a program about traffic accumulation :

1. newly build FC, The interface is as follows

After defining the interface , Next, write the program

① Instantaneous flow rounding

② The instantaneous flow is taken as the decimal part

③ Fraction of instantaneous flow + The result of the fractional part of the cumulative flow is rounded

④ The fractional part of the accumulated flow is used as an intermediate operation

⑤ Cumulative flow + Integral part of instantaneous flow + Integer part after adding decimals = Cumulative flow

⑥ Initialize assignment

⑥ Call in circular interrupt block FC

So far, the program is partially completed ( notes : Instantaneous flow unit m³/h, Cumulative flow has no decimal places )

2. About host computer wincc Configuration and setting of

( open wincc, New projects , The new drive link is omitted )

New screen , Connect variables , Here's the picture

After the project runs for a period of time , You will find that there is an error between the cumulative flow on the screen and the cumulative flow on the actual instrument , Now what? ?

At this time, we need to correct the accumulated traffic on the upper computer , So that it will not deviate more and more , But we don't want ordinary operators to see our flow correction buttons and inputs ( Avoid unnecessary misunderstandings , You'll see ~~~), That is, we need higher permissions to display and enter correction values , In other words, you can't see the flow correction button and input when the upper computer screen is running .

① stay wincc Create the following in the user manager ( Fill in the corresponding password )

② stay wincc Create a new binary memory variable in variable management

③ Create a new... In the global script C Script , The script is as follows

So far, the basic work has been completed , The next in wincc New buttons and... Are created in the screen IO Domain and connect variables

In the properties of the flow correction button — other — Show -- Dynamic configuration dialog box , And connect the built memory variables “ Variables visible to advanced users ”

Flow correction IO The operation process of the field is the same as that of the button above , I won't go into details here .

thus , All the work is done , If there is something wrong , Welcome criticism , learn from each other !

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