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Announcement: CDF Chinese Localization SIG

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本篇文章是CDF(持續交付基金會)官網發布的CDF Chinese Localization SIG成立的英文文章,以下正文即發布內容。原文鏈接:[1]

Contributed by Rick Zhao (QingCloud), CD Foundation Chinese Localization SIG co-Chair

The Jenkins Chinese Localization Special Interest Group (SIG)[2] was created by Zheng Shenyu, Li Lianqiang, and me(Rick) in 2018, and our original goal was to make it easier for Chinese speakers to adopt Jenkins.

It is exciting that there are always new passionate contributors joining us. (Unfortunately, I didn’t find a way to list all of them, but you still can get a partial list from some important git repositories:[3], jenkins-zh[4].) To all those lovely people, I want to say a BIG thank you. Because of you, there are now over 16K WeChat[5] followers, over 11K Jenkins tutorial videos[6] hits, and 55K Jenkins Simplified Chinese plugin[7] installs.

As you can see, a Localization SIG can play an important role in uniting the community, end-users, and potential contributors. More and more companies and teams believe that DevOps adoption and improvement are crucial to their success. Many awesome projects choose to join Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF)[8] which is the vendor-neutral home, such as Jenkins[9], Jenkins X[10], Spinnaker[11], and Tekton[12]. As an open-source evangelist, the most meaningful thing might be promoting great open-source projects, so we thought, why don’t we promote all the projects under CDF?

We are happy to announce that CDF Chinese Localization SIG[13] proposal was accepted by CDF’s Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) and is already ongoing with Mike and me(Rick) as co-chairs, a few members[14], and with the support from Oleg Nenashev[15] as the TOC sponsor of this SIG.

Our SIG will focus on promoting CDF projects in China:

  • Translate documents from English to Chinese
  • Organize local (or online) meetup of CDF for Chinese speakers
  • As an evangelist team to encourage Chinese contributors
  • As a bridge between the Chinese and English speakers

I believe we can achieve a great outcome and I am excited to see this initiative grow.


Communication in this SIG is primarily done through its Slack channel[16].


The SIG meets bi-weekly on Sunday of each month, at 13:00 UTC. (See your timezone here[17]).

Meeting agenda and minutes[18]




Jenkins Chinese Localization Special Interest Group (SIG):







Jenkins tutorial videos:


Jenkins Simplified Chinese plugin:


Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF):




Jenkins X:






CDF Chinese Localization SIG:




Oleg Nenashev:


Slack channel:




Meeting agenda and minutes:

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