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International Computer Association: ACM fellow list released! 12 Chinese scholars selected

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notes :ACM Fellow It's by the International Computer Association (Association for Computing Machinery, ACM) Honor to senior members , Praise scholars who have made outstanding contributions to computer related fields , The review process is very rigorous , Once a year .

Local time 2021 year 1 month 13 Japan , American Computer Association (ACM) released 95 name ACM Fellow list .

ACM It's the largest computer society in the world ,ACM Fellow The project was launched in 1993 year , Every year in the United States 、 China 、 Canada 、 Germany 、 Australia 、 Japan 、 South Korea 、 Switzerland and other countries around the world have selected scholars with outstanding contributions .

2020 year , Included in the ACM Fellow Of 95 In the list of scholars , It includes Twelve Chinese scholars .

Zhang Yaowen :

Professor and Dean, Department of electrical engineering, National University of Taiwan ,2020 year 1 month 15 He was appointed as the top international society of electronic design automation in Japan IEEE CEDA President . Professor Zhang Yaowen is engaged in the field of electronic design automation 20 years , Won many international awards ,2012 In, he won ACM Service Award .

Reasons for selection : Right algorithm / Contribute to electronic design automation .

Li Xuelong

Professor of Northwestern Polytechnic University 、 With concurrent , Deputy director of the academic committee of the University . Focus on intelligent acquisition of high-dimensional data 、 The relationship between management and management , Play a role in the application system , Selected as the world's most cited scientists in two fields .

Reasons for selection : Contribute to computing and learning based on high-order data .

Chen Yiran :

Professor, Department of electronic and computer engineering, Duke University , Director of the center for computational evolutionary intelligence at Duke University , The United States NSF Director of the new sustainable Intelligent Computing Center ,IEEE Fellow.

Reasons for selection : Contribute to nonvolatile storage technology .

Zhou Kun :

Deputy dean of School of computer science, Zhejiang University , Distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholars of the Ministry of Education , Winner of National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars . get 2009 year NVIDIA Professor Partnership Award、2010 China computer graphics outstanding award 、2011 China Youth Science and Technology Award 、2011 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 《 Technical review 》 Global outstanding young innovative person Award (MIT TR35 Award).

Reasons for selection : Contributions to computer graphics .

Yan Shuicheng :

International famous scholar in the field of computer vision and machine learning .IEEE Fellow、IAPR Fellow、ACM Outstanding scientists , Associate Professor, National University of Singapore , Major research areas include computer vision 、 Deep learning 、 Information retrieval application and multimedia analysis .

Reasons for selection : Contribute to visual content understanding technology and Application .

Tao Yufei :

Professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong 、 Doctoral supervisor ,2002 Won the first “ Young Scientist Award ”,2009 year 9 He was promoted to Professor in the Chinese University of Hong Kong in June 、 Doctoral supervisor . Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong 、 Doctoral supervisor ,ACM Transaction on DataBase Systems(TODS) Deputy editorial board member .

Reasons for selection : Contribute to large-scale data processing algorithms .

Ren Kui :

A teacher at the State University of New York at Buffalo , As a UbiSEc Laboratory director ,IEEE Senior member ,ACM members , Research interests include cloud computing and outsourcing security , Wireless and wearable system security and human centric Computing .

Reasons for selection : Contribute to wireless system security and cloud data security .

Shen hengtao :

Fellow of the American Optical Society and ACM Outstanding members , He is now the dean of School of computer science and engineering, University of Electronic Science and technology , Executive director, Institute of artificial intelligence, UESTC , Sichuan Institute of artificial intelligence ( Yibin ) dean . He is different from 2000 Years and 2004 He received a first-class honorary bachelor's degree and a doctorate degree from the Department of computer science, National University of Singapore . Then he joined the University of Queensland and 2011 Become a professor at the end of the year . He has been engaged in cutting-edge computer science research , Research interests include multimedia search , Computer vision , Artificial intelligence , And big data management .

Reasons for selection : Understanding of large-scale multimedia content 、 Indexing and retrieval contribute to .

Wang Wei :

Associate Professor, Department of computer science and technology, Nanjing University , stay ACM Mobicom, ACM CCS,IEEE/ACM trans. Networking, IEEE trans. Mobile Computing Many papers have been published in conferences and journals . The main research direction is wireless sensor network 、 Wireless social networks 、 Software Defined Radio and software defined network .

Reasons for selection : Contribute to the foundation and practice of data mining .

Wang Yi :

Professor, Uppsala University, Sweden , Professor, School of computer science and engineering, Northeastern University 、 Doctoral supervisor ,2015 year 12 month 16 Since then, he has been the dean of the school of computer science and engineering of Northeastern University . Mainly engaged in real-time system model checking 、 Multiprocessor scheduling and analysis 、 Multi core real time system 、 Automotive electronics 、 Research on digital medical and other fields , He is one of the most influential computer scientists and academic leaders in the field of real-time system and model checking .

Reasons for selection : Contribution to automatic analysis and validation of real time systems .

Chenyang Lu:

Department of computer science and engineering, Washington University, St. Louis Fullgraf professor , Research areas include real-time systems , Wireless sensor networks , Information physical systems and the Internet of things . yes ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks Editor in chief of .

Reasons for selection : For adaptive real-time systems , The contribution of real-time virtualization and wireless network physical system .

Cathy H. Wu:

Edward · Jefferson (Edward G. Jefferson) President, Center for bioinformatics and computational biology, University of Delaware (CBCB) Professor and director of . Protein information resources (PIR) Director of the Northeast bioinformatics cooperation Steering Committee , An adjunct professor at Georgetown University Medical Center .

Reasons for selection : For bioinformatics , Computational biology , Knowledge mining and semantic data integration contribute .

ACM The list is published every year in recognition of AI 、 Cloud computing 、 Computer 、 Scholars with outstanding contributions in data science and other fields .

2020 It's on the list in 95 The contribution of these scholars is not only in the field of computer design , Including algorithms 、 The Internet 、 Computer architecture 、 robotics 、 Distributed systems 、 He has made outstanding contributions to software development and other fields .

Congratulations on winning or , I hope more Chinese scholars can work in ACM Fellow There are more outstanding performances in the selection .

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