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GitHub easy to use

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First step : Open the website

Sign up for an account .

The second step : Create repository

Fill in the name and description of the warehouse .

When it's created , Click on “Branch master”, Create a branch —— Enter the branch name and description in the text box , Then click on the blue section to confirm .

The third step : Click create a new file


Enter the code you want to submit and the file name and description below , Click on the bottom Commit new file that will do .

Step four : modify & Save changes

stay github On , Submit & The operation to save the changes is commits. Every time commit Will be recorded , Can be viewed by other users .


Click on the pencil pattern to modify , Click after modification Commit changes that will do .


Step five : Submit Pull request

Click on New pull request, Choose the branch you do , Edit what you want to change , After comparing with the original content , Submit the request after confirmation . then @ Specific people or groups , Ask them to review, And feedback to you ( You can also request that your code be added to their branches ).


Step six : Merge modification history


Click the green button , Merge the readme editor into Branch master.

After the merge is successful, you can delete the branch .

application :

1、 Look at other people's code or project , Like, comment or follow

Click on “gist"

And then choose “All gists”, You can see code written by others .


Blue box “commonts”、“stars”, You can comment or follow other people's code .

2、clone Other people's code , In need of change , And then turn it into your own code

Click on the top right of someone else's code ”forks”, And then click “Embed”, choice Clone, You can clone and save other people's code . Click on Download, You can download other people's code to local .


3、 Check the modification history of other people's code

Click on “Revisions” You can view the modification history , And the comparison before and after the modification .

Of course , In addition to these basic functions ,GitHub It's a powerful treasure house , How to find treasure , There is a knack .

seek Demo Save time

When we need to master and use new technology quickly in our work , I don't have much energy to learn from scratch , We can do that GitHub Look for the corresponding Demo, In a simple understanding of the principle 、 After a little try , Introduce into the project .

You can follow Keyword search of technology stack , And sort according to the update time , To find out if there is a suitable Demo.

Looking for scaffolding : Speed up early development

occasionally , We need to find a suitable scaffold to help us make what we want ,

That's when we can , Use the technology stack directly + boilerplate perhaps starter Wait for keywords to search , Such as react boilerplate. If the combination stack found in it doesn't meet your requirements , Then add the keywords of the corresponding technology stack , Such as react redux boilerplate that will do .

seek awesome-xxx: Explore possibilities

stay Github On , There are some treasures summarized and sorted out by predecessors , such as Awesome-xxx series .

As long as there is a certain breadth of knowledge in the field 、 Language 、 Frame, etc , All have their own awesome-xxx Series of projects , Such as awesome-python, awesome-iot, awesome-react wait . In projects like this , It's all sorted out in a certain knowledge system , It is also more convenient to index and consult . If you want to learn something new , Into a new field , Then search for awesome xxx Well .

Learning resources

GitHub There are a lot of learning resources on the Internet , From articles to notes , And there are all kinds of e-books . Such as :

  • Search for : type + note , Such as operating system note You can find some notes about the operating system .
  • Search for : Title You can find some resources related to this book , Such as restructure Improve the design of existing code .

GitHub You can also find all kinds of unaccredited Translation of English books , Or all kinds of e-books PDF edition . There are also libraries , It can provide corresponding learning resources , Such as free-programming-books-zh_CN, That is, free programming Chinese Book Index .

meanwhile ,Github There is no lack of simple novice projects , Practice can't be better

ZKEACMS: A visual design CMS System ( Content management system ). Page layout can be designed directly online , Pages can also be designed online , Edited , Templates can be edited directly online , Styles can also be edited visually , Content blocks can be quickly added directly from existing blocks . It's a good project for novices to follow up .

textgenrnn: Based on a Keras/TensorFlow Of Python 3 modular , Can be used to create character level recurrent neural networks .

JEESNS: Based on a JAVA Social management system developed by enterprise platform , Relying on the enterprise level JAVA It's efficient 、 Security 、 Stability and other advantages , Create domestic JAVA Open source SNS Forerunner . Database usage MYSQL, All source code is open .

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