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three.js Create images in canvas create images in canvas

The front end of CAI Xukun's study 2021-01-13 16:29:49 阅读数:19 评论数:0 点赞数:0 收藏数:0

The first is the easiest way :

1  threeBox.render();// a key It's black when you get the picture
3 let src=threeBox.renderer.domElement.toDataURL();// Will be selected canvas Convert to base64 code
4 let a = document.createElement("a"); // Generate a a Elements 
5 let event = new MouseEvent("click"); // Create a click event 
6 = "photo"; // Set picture name 
7 a.href = src; // The generated URL Set to a.href attribute 
8 a.dispatchEvent(event); // Trigger a Click event for Download the pictures 



Corresponding three.js:

renderer = new WebGLRenderer({ antialias: true, alpha: true});

notes : Render the scene and camera before taking the screenshot , It doesn't refresh the screen in real time , What caused us to take a screenshot is blank


Corresponding canvas Method :canvas.toDataURL(); // obtain base64 Encoding format picture address


notes : If it's ordinary canvas, Directly through canvas.toDataURL() Capture screenshots

The second method :

1 renderer = new WebGLRenderer({
2 antialias: true,
3 alpha: true,
4 preserveDrawingBuffer :true
5 })
7 renderer.domElement.toDataURL();
preserveDrawingBuffer :

Turn on in the render preserveDrawingBuffer :true, Buffer protection - Whether to save in buffer manually clear or override , The default is false.

After opening , The buffer image will not be updated and cleared , You can cut down the pattern you want .

But the problem is obvious , That's when animation or post rendering content increases , Your picture will get very messy , The content is constantly superimposed ,

So I suggest you use the first method , The way to say it , Just to let you know more about .

Got base64:



 Download the screenshot :



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