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What are the common competitions in the computer field? Once these awards are awarded, the enterprises are scrambling for you

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Into the computer business , Writing code is our ability to settle down , Work hard day and night , Hope to become a programming expert as soon as possible .


Compared with other industries , The experimental cost in the field of computer is relatively low , After all , Our programmer's practice , It's usually typing the next line of code on the computer , Then execute view results . And many industries , It is necessary to really enter the actual working environment , To learn and practice . for example , Medical students want to accumulate experience , Need to deal with real patients ; Students in the civil construction industry , The school will arrange to experience it in person , Feel the toil of facing the Loess back to the sky .

Relatively low experimental cost , To promote the rapid development of the industry , At the same time , It also provides a good soil for the competition . Every year, , All kinds of competitions in the field of computer emerge in endlessly , When the year is good , The amount of the prize money is amazing .

Most of these competitions are held by enterprises and scientific research institutions , Enterprises want to pass the competition , To raise awareness among students , Hope to attract excellent students . Scientific research institutions hold competitions , There's more taste of public welfare , There will be some data sets within the organization , Give students access to cutting-edge scientific research , Promote the development of the industry .

Although it belongs to the same field , Break it down , There's a difference in the game . It basically falls into two categories : Classic algorithm competition , Data mining and AI match .


Classic algorithm competition

So called classical algorithm , We are engaged in the field of computers , It's all about data structure , Classical algorithms focus on the efficiency of program execution 、 Time and space complexity . The most famous competition of this kind is ACM-ICPC competition . Because I've been involved myself for a while , I'll focus on .

This is the international undergraduate program design competition held by the International Computer Association . When looking for a job , We may find that , Some of the recruitment needs for students , Maybe add one : Papers or ACM Winners of the competition are preferred . This is not an example , It shows that many enterprises agree with ACM The strength of the players , From the side shows the importance of the game .

Simple science popularization , We do a little bit more or less when we prepare for the interview Leetcode Topics on , The grade is divided into easy questions 、 There are three levels of medium and difficult questions . But generally speaking ,Leetcode The problem is ACM The introduction to the game . The form of the game , It's a group of people 3 One team , stay 5 In a matter of hours , To solve the problem of trunk programming . Final results and number of attempts to submit 、 The number of solutions 、 Problem solving time is closely related to . This kind of game , Extremely test the communication between teammates 、 Ability to collaborate .

It's like a monster upgrade , Games are usually divided into online games , Regional live games , And the global finals . Through online games , You can get a place in the regional games , The top three teams in the regional games , Only then has the big probability to be able to enter the global finals .

Because there are so few people who can make it to the global finals , The result of regional competition has been concerned by many enterprises . There are usually gold medals , Silver and bronze medals . Bronze medalists generally don't get much attention , Silver and above can provide bonus points for the interview , Can be in Baoyan 、 Favored in job search .

except ACM-ICPC Outside the game , In the field of classical algorithms , Well known abroad is Google's annual Google Code Jam, abbreviation GCJ;Facebook Host hackercup, also Topcoder Host TCO match . There are similar competitions in China , Baidu star held by Baidu every year , The beauty of programming hosted by Microsoft .

Huawei holds a national software elite challenge every year , I once attended , The types of topics are more resource prediction and planning , I can't do anything , If you are interested, you can have a look at .


Data mining and AI match

In recent years , It's luck and misfortune , After a long silence ,AI It's hot again , Sometimes , Special fire is not necessarily a good thing , After all, slow work produces fine work . But anyway , This wave of development , It really greatly promotes the overall data mining competition 、AI The number and level of the game .

There used to be data mining competitions , But it's usually small 、 Small data size , It's kind of like a little brawl between students , No one takes it seriously . But now the game , It is often found that , wow , Why is the bonus so high , The total amount is over a million . Don't exaggerate , There are millions of bonus competitions every year . wow , How can the data be so big , Dozens of G, Tortoise has to download it for a few days . Of course , Not all the game data are so big , Data mining and visual data are usually larger than text data .

These games , I recommend it , Because it can bring us a lot of benefits .

First , Whether you can win the prize or not , Just look at the data itself , They are the truths that organizations or enterprises have worked hard to sort out 、 Valuable data , It's impossible for us to have access to . In this era , Data is really expensive . In the game , I've seen Taobao 、 JD.COM 、 You know 、 Tencent's real data , Although it has been desensitized , But the value is still very high .

secondly , If you win the prize through a lot of efforts , First of all, it can get the favor of the author , Some question companies offer direct end benefits . I always feel , The interview of the first-line Internet factory is few , It's a happy thing .


Common data mining competition platforms and events are :

Kaggle Competition platform , There are a lot of events on it , There are also many previous experience in the competition 、 Code sharing , It's very friendly to novices .

Tianchi competition platform , This is alicloud's big data platform , Often hold all kinds of data mining events , The prize is still very important .

AI Challenger, It's the competition platform led by Lee Kaifu , It has been held several times , The quality of questions and data is very hard core , unfortunately 2019 No more in . by the way ,2018 The annual bonus is three million yuan , It's very tempting , I hope we can restart this year .

DataFountain, A million bonus event with multiple tracks is held every year CCF-BDCI, I started my first competition here .

Tencent advertising algorithm competition , Tencent of theficials provide a lot of the advertising click data , The prize money is generous , The level is very high .

Zhijiang cup , The annual competition held by Zhijiang Laboratory , There's still a lot of money .

KDD-CUP, Every year by ACM Data mining and knowledge discovery Committee sponsored by the research field of data mining international top-level Events .

DataCastle, Competition platform focusing on big data and artificial intelligence , Founded on 2016 year .

FlyAI, Provide GPU Training resources AI Competition platform .

Industrial big data industry innovation platform , The competition and the real business of industry are more closely combined .

JDDC, The contest held by Jingdong and the Duolun dialogue system .

CTF, Mysterious network security competition .

Let's list so many , There are many other competition platforms , The type is basically the same as these , I won't go into that .



In the past, most of the participants in many competitions were students , But in recent years , Due to the upgrading of the quality of the contest questions , The increase in bonus , Also attracted a lot of Internet workers to compete in the same arena . The difficulty and fun of the game , Synchronous promotion . If you want more exercise opportunities , Technical communication with peers , Improve your internship , take part , For us , Not a bad choice .

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